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Sounds of Taiwan - Compiled by David Barclay

Amazing translation work by Louis Yu!
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Song - Artist [Album]
1. Manli/Cruel Hearted Lover - Yao Shu Rong
[The One That Betrays Me]
A rewrite of a Japanese pop song.
2. Familiar Romance - Spring Wind (Chan Ying Jie)
[Old Dreams are Hard to Take Back]
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3. Say Yes My Boy - Sakura & Rita
[Everybody Knows]
4. Feeling Longer than Rivers - Wan Zhi Lian & the Sun Band
[By Myself]
5. Love is So Sweet - Lee Yea Fang
[How Much do You Know About the Flowers Falling]
6. Warm Hands - Yu Tian
[Let the Memory Flow with the Wind]
7. You Shouldn't Cry - Yao Su Rong
[Blue Ramona]
8. Love You Deep in my Heart - Love Styles X Y Z
[Love 1,2,3]
9. Give Me an Echo/Answer Me! - Yu Tian
[Weng Jing Quan]
10. Circle Game - Agnes Chan
11. Side A, Track 3 - Shu Li Luo
[The Person in the Dawn]
12. Side B, Track 3 - Yu Tian, Chui Tai Qing & Chan Wen Lan
13. Hot Dance - Jessie Mu
14. Why Do You? - Sunnie
[Passionate Love/North Taiwan's Sun]
15. Rock Girl - He Wei
[Dance Street]
16. A Song for You - Yang Ke Qiang
[Helpless Heart]
17. You Have to Endure/Your Patience - Zhu Yan Ni
[I Can't Help it When We Break Up]
18. Wait a Minute - Lin Lin
[Local Taiwanese Dialogue Album]